Wild, Wild Love

Wild, Wild Love

Miss Cherry believes that for every yin there’s a yang. For every up, there is a down. Ebb and flow, in and out, surge and retract. When it comes to love, Miss Cherry believes that there is a primal force that can draw two people together…and they will either be consumed by it, drawing power…or consumed by it, to their destruction. Let’s talk about both.

Dating is a strange brew of hopes, desires, experiences…good and bad…, mind, body and soul. Some people date recreationally, always looking for their next conquest, their next high, reveling in the hunt. Capture and conquer…then, bored…they move on to find their next conquest. It’s a never ending hunger that can’t be filled. They will never be satisfied, as they are so intent on feeding their broken primal soul, that they can’t recognize the needs of another. A hit and run…per se. I’m going to totally intoxicate you, draw every last drop from your being to reinforce mine, and then, let you go. A primal force…taking and leaving. Powerful, intoxicating…devastating.

“Oh, Cherry. You fixed someone up good, and they moved on? I told you he was fixer upper.”

“I know…I am such a loser lately. He just seemed so sad, so broken. When we broke up he said…’I can never thank you enough for the friendship and care that you have given to me. If it weren’t for you, I’d be in a ditch somewhere dead. I had given up on life, and then, you came along. You have helped me through this period of my life, and I will always love and respect you for it.’ I knew that we weren’t right for each other from the very beginning. I’m too much of a free spirit, and he hid his behind a dark wall. I’m just mad at myself for giving him so much time and consideration. He was a pure taker. A great kisser, but a taker, nonetheless. I hate when that happens.”

“He wasn’t your equal, Cherry. You know it, I know it. He’s a broken man, but powerful. He sucked everything out of you, and then left. A person can only take so much. No more broken men…do you understand me? NO MORE BROKEN MEN!”

Some people date the wrong people. They are constantly looking for someone who “fits the mold.” That perfect person who is magically going to go the distance. It’s a primal spark that is recognized, faint and smoldering down. It’s enough of the primal to draw you to something about them that feeds your spirit, then, repel you when you realize that they won’t be giving back. You are on the opposite end of someone depleting your primal force. They hold the power over you, irresponsibly, selfishly…taking yours…forcing you to leave before they diminish your internal force. Not as powerful, not as intoxicating…but equally devastating.

“It’s as if he knows that I’m happy and peaceful…then, has to drop a nuclear bomb to blow it up. I’m walking on eggshells here, and they are cutting my feet. The ups and downs are too radical…too severe. Each time I reach a new height, and then sink to a new all time low. It’s normal for him…it’s Hell for me. I can’t take it anymore.”

“Cherry, he is internally broken and has a hurt spirit. You can’t change that fact. You could pour every ounce of who you are into that man, and he’s still going to punish you for caring about him. I know that there are so many pieces of this man’s personality that resonate with you…but…you have to keep away from him. You can’t truly be his friend. He will always be drawn to your spirit, and you will always be hurt. NO MORE BROKEN MEN! My God, Cherry, quit wasting your time on broken men. JUST SAY NO!”

Okay, Nancy Reagan.

“I’m hearing you loud and clear. No more broken men. I honestly woke up the other day and the first thought that entered my mind was…’Cherry, you can’t do this anymore. You’re done.’…and I was done. Done with him, done with any of the men I have been dating. Done. I recognized that my internal primal strength was drawing broken men to me, and I was unconsciously allowing it. I prayed about it, and God gave me my answer. I’ve cleared out all of the people I’ve gathered up during my devastation phase, and now I’m firmly back into healthy. I get it now. No more broken men.”

Miss Cherry believes in the primal. She recognizes its existence when she meets a man. She knows automatically if he is strong, wild and emotionally intelligent. She can see his primal, and she knows how it will all match up to hers. If he is stronger, she looks for emotional intelligence and heart. If he is weaker, she doesn’t judge, but tries to understand the source. What Miss Cherry has learned is to trust her inner instincts. Embrace the primal, and know her basic strengths and weaknesses.

Miss Cherry has a wild spirit, and for years, she has tried to tame and control…ignore and reject…bits and pieces of her primal. The result has been a series of unfortunate actions and consequences. Because, believe you me, there are consequences to every action, every word, every thought. When you deny the primal, you deny your inner spirit of creativity and intelligence…your sensual nature. And, when you accept less than what you deserve, what feeds your spirit…the core of who you are…then, you set yourself on a path of disappointment and wasted time.

A primal match is a couple who feeds each other’s spirit…taking and giving…equally. The power created between the two builds a life, a love…protecting it above all else…out of a spiritual need to belong to and with someone else. A primal match grows in power as times goes by…because both people are feeding the spirit of each other….there is no depletion…no devastation. Everything that is created builds upon the last, building to last. You have been claimed, you have claimed…and it now becomes a cherished, necessary force of nature. You crave it at a spiritual level. Your match is in your blood.

“Sunny, I feel like a she wolf. Do you understand what I’m saying? I feel like a wolf.”

“Of course I do, Cherry…you are a wolf. You have always been a wolf.”

“I know. But, I feel like a beautiful, strong, powerful wolf…running hard and fast…I see things before they happen, I hear things before they’re seen…I know when to run and when to wait. I feel everything around me, I want to smell and taste everything with my senses. As much as I give, I receive. It has tapped into the core of who I am, and I have returned to my primal.”

“Cherry, you have just returned to yourself.”

“My primal is out and strong…and she won’t ever go back in hiding again. I want a man who is as primal as I, and it will feed me. I want to be my best, I want to give my best…give it all. And, if a man is primal, it will absolutely humble me.”

Of course, Miss Cherry is still going to go get a mani/pedi once a week, and have an overpriced cup of coffee with her friends. She is still going to drive around in Colette with the top down, with the Hello Kitty pinata strapped in the passenger side. She is still going to look for the silly, for the lighthearted…and spread sunshine wherever she goes.

But, deep deep down inside of her…her wolf is out. She is primal and strong. She looks at the Technicolor of life, and absorbs it. She expresses herself, knowing that it is beautiful and melodic to a kindred spirit.

Wild love is primal love. Primal love is heady and intoxicating. It covers you with its power, feeding your spirit…making you stronger. The stronger you become…the more you give.

Primal love. Miss Cherry is going to run, jump and play…with strength, intelligence…OPI Red on her toes…and a wildness in her soul. It’s a beautiful thing.

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    Thank you! Writing crazy stories with a slant to dark humor is a labor of love. You have a wonderful day! Cherry

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