Resolutions…and Other Things That Go Bump in the Night

Caffeine. It can make Miss Cherry look at the world in such a way, that it boggles the minds of those around her. One single cup, and it’s off to the races. Fingers flying over a keyboard, things being cleaned, drawers organized, music blasting, dancing through the house, laundry done by 7 am…caffeine. Let’s just say, Miss Cherry is a morning person.

Being a morning person means you can’t text or call your friends until 8 am. Or as Margarita Rita once told Cherry…”If you text or call me again…one more time…before 9 am…I’m going to get one of my guns, come over there, and shoot you. Do you hear me? Just one more time, Cherry, and you’re done. I know we have been friends since Junior High, but if you wake me up one more time…boom!”

And, every single time Miss Cherry is tempted…every single time her finger hovers over to dial or text before 8 am for most…or 9 am for Margarita Rita…she thinks…”Is it worth it? Do I want to die?”

Most of the time…she answers herself with a firm…”Yes! After all, we’ve had a good run.” But then sanity kicks in as she notices the time up in the right hand corner of her phone and thinks…”Maybe 5:30 is a little too early.” After all, Cherry doesn’t want to lose friendships of a lifetime over a little thing like sleep deprivation.

So, she stays busy. Busy doing this, busy doing that. Mostly a lot of clutter clean out…emails, junk around the house, trash to the curb…you know…any form of clutter that can be addressed before 8 am. From time to time, she re-purposes things around the house. Her most recent re-purpose…a large wipe board. You know…one of those you give a child for their chores, and they never check off the boxes upon completion. Just a subtle reminder of your lack of parenting skills. But then again…Miss Cherry is on round number two…grandkids. Everyone has lowered their expectations to maximum spoilage, and what-nots.

Resolutions. Miss Cherry has a whole new wipe board full of them. Actually, they seem to follow a continuous theme, all revolving around one central idea…hard work.

After having pneumonia for twenty seven out of fifty two weeks in one year, followed by a professional and personal disaster the next…Cherry was ringing in this New Year with a bowl full of chocolate chip cookie dough, cuddling on the couch…laughter…and a big smile on her face. She couldn’t get rid of 2013 fast enough. Some things just need to go. Even if it is a whole year or two.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Good riddance to companies who don’t do what they say. Good riddance to problems you can’t solve, people you can’t help, water you can’t hold in your hands. Let it slip through. Good riddance to ego, pride and thinking about what you’ve accomplished in the past.

This is a whole new year. Miss Cherry’s wipe board is full, and colorful. She used every color in her marker cup. Pretty and functional. Life is art, and so is the imagination.

What goes bump in the night? Thoughts having a party in your brain. Squirrels playing on the roof above your head. College age kids cooking in your kitchen at 3 am. Mirrors not properly anchored into your sheet rock. An occasional ghost or two wandering around.

Just like a bump in the night, sometimes it’s best to get up and make yourself known to the world. Take a look at your life’s colorful wipe board, put on a pot of coffee and get on it. Caffeine. After all, those resolutions aren’t going to achieve themselves.